Have you ever wanted to own an electric car? or have you ever wanted to drive a Porsche 911? I wanted both, so I decided to build one. This blog is here to document my journey as I convert a 2002 Porsche 911/996 Carrera 2 from a gas guzzler to a completely electric vehicle - not a hybrid!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Exhaust system

Today I tried to tackle the exhaust system, but ran out of time to finish. First I removed the rear spoiler/bumper. Then I needed to remove the sheet metal heat shields. With those out of the way I could access the muffler and catalytic converter retaining clips and brackets. The nuts and bolts used on the compression bands joining the two muffler halves together were really tough to remove. They were exposed to the elements so corrosion had set in, not too bad yet, but I did have to add some length to my socket wrench handle to increase the leverage. I was able to remove 1/4 of the muffler system before I ran out of time today. I was also able to weigh all the parts I've removed so far: 37Lbs of radiators and coolant system parts, and 22 Lbs for the one muffler piece from tonight. More to come this weekend!

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