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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

A Detour at CES

This week I'm at the Consumer Electronics Show for business. While at the show, I made sure to reserve some time to check out the latest in electric vehicle products.  To be honest, there wasn't much to see, but I took pictures of what I found.  First are a few photos of the new Tesla S all electric car which retails for $57K+. 

Below are the residential charger options I found.  The first three are available from Best Buy!  I overheard a guy say they sell these for about $1000 which includes 60% gross margin for the retailer.  They all use the J1772 plug.

The Siemens home charger system is available from traditional Siemens product distributors (not Best Buy).  It has 4 built in delay settings so you can select how long to wait after plugging in to start charging.  Some have asked, why would you want to delay the charge time?  The simple reason is if your electric company charges you less to charge at night, you can then set the machine up to start charging at night.  The sales guy also mentioned some devices will allow for the utility company to duty cycle the device during heavy demands on the grid.

The new Ford Fusion is a hybrid (boring).  It comes with a home charing system.  The J1772 plug on the far right comes with the car and includes the white spool with the green E on it shown in the middle.  The charger in the back is a higher end commercial charger product.  On the left side of the table, they had an iPad app that tracked energy performance.

Qualcomm had a dune-buggy style vehicle on display, showcasing their wireless power transfer device called halo.  The didn't have any brochures or information, other than that once piece mounts on the car, and a second part mounts on the parking space.  It will be neat to learn more about this down the road.

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