Have you ever wanted to own an electric car? or have you ever wanted to drive a Porsche 911? I wanted both, so I decided to build one. This blog is here to document my journey as I convert a 2002 Porsche 911/996 Carrera 2 from a gas guzzler to a completely electric vehicle - not a hybrid!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Another "Event"

A few updates today.  Typing with one hand so they will be short.
1) Through experimentation, I figured out a square wave that is 50% duty cycle, +/-2.5V peak amplitude (5V peak-to-peak), centered at 0V works great for driving the RPM input.  You don't need to compensate for the 2 missing pulses every 58, it works with a continuous clock.
2) I found out the TCU changes shift profiles based on engine temperature, so I set the 'water coolant temp' sensor input to 190F and the car shifts with less issues.
3) My ChargePoint card came in the mail, so I tried to use at a local station. I could not get it to output any juice, so I will need to review the circuit and see whats wrong.
4) I want to move my charger LCD display and controls from inside the charger bud box to the exterior charge port.  In the process of using a tape measure, I dislodged a heat sink onto some live terminals and a small explosion occurred.  The electrical plasma ball burned the inside of my hand and destroyed some capacitors, thus I am typing with one hand as the burnt hand is covered in Aquaphor.

Picture of my cooked hand.  Inner sides of thumb and index finger took the brunt of the damage.
Inside of the charger showing burned devices just to the left of the coil.
Heatsink that shorted out the terminals.


  1. I'll state the obvious - because I'm one of those people who'd need to hear it ...

    Make sure you get someone check your hand is OK :)

    I hope it heals fully and soon - and I hope it hasn't spoilt any of the fun :/

  2. I'm sure he was more concerned about his electronics. The hand is self-healing!