Have you ever wanted to own an electric car? or have you ever wanted to drive a Porsche 911? I wanted both, so I decided to build one. This blog is here to document my journey as I convert a 2002 Porsche 911/996 Carrera 2 from a gas guzzler to a completely electric vehicle - not a hybrid!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vacuum pump #2

I got a comment on my previous vacuum pump video from Ray informing me the Dorman pump I originally purchased is not powerful enough to supplement the brakes in an all electric vehicle.  He suggested I checkout the Hella UP30 or UP32.  I was not able to find either of these, but I did find a lot of used UP28 which is similar, but slightly lower powered.  I purchased one and hooked it up today.  The pump reaches the required 10 in Hg in only 4 seconds compared to the Dorman which took 50+ seconds. I won't really know how effective it is until I get it into the car.  I also need to hook up the vacuum switch to turn off the UP28 once the vacuum reaches 10 in Hg.  This pump is also a lot quieter than the Dorman.  There are two rubber grommets intended to buffer the pump from the frame of the car to reduce noise, but they are awkward and will take some extra work to find a feasible way to mount this pump. 


  1. Kurt, would you be able to do a test on your UP28? I would like to know the max vacuum ? I see your gauge goes to 30 in. What is the max Hella UP28 suction power?

    Thanks - Anonymous

    1. I was able to test the pump again yesterday a few timwa. With the pump hooked up to the reservoir, if I just let it run, the gauge stops at about 16.5 in.

  2. I have never run it past 13 in Hg, but I can try later this week. Stay tuned.

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  4. I just went through this too. I bought a Dorman on Ebay but it only pulled 13.5"HG and wasn't nearly good enough to power brakes. I am thinking of buying a UP28 like you. Is this one working for you?

  5. I haven't installed it yet, but I will post when I do!

  6. Hello Kurt,

    As a school project we are converting a Ford capri to a totally electric. I wonder if the UP 28 we have now, is enough for the power brake system. We are considering the UP 30.
    I hope we get to know if the UP 28 stands up to the task in your car


    1. You are not the first person to ask! I will be sure to post here when I know more. Were you able to find a UP 30 to purchase? Where can you buy one?

    2. You can buy a Hella UP 30 Pump on Summit racing. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/hla-009286001

      Can you suggest me a vacuum switch, check valve and the relay compatible??

  7. Sorry you're right.

    You can find a UP30 here.

    Renault have these pumps as well and the UP 28 that I have now is a Hella UP 28 form Renault.
    A family member of mine works at Renault and got these for me.
    He ordered another one and I hope it's a UP 30 because he doesn't now for sure.


  8. Hi all,

    For full electric you'll want the UP30. The UP28/29 are assist pumps for combustion engines already providing some vacuum assistance.

    During testing and early days you'll probably get away with the UP28, but any extended/regular use you'll risk burning out the motor as it's not up to the duty cycle required for full electric.

    Good luck!



    UP28 / UP29 Product Family - Add-on vacuum pumps
    During special driving conditions when combustion engine cannot provide enough vacuum for brake assist, the UP 28/29 supports the brake booster with vacuum.

    UP 30 Product Family - Stand alone pumps
    In the case when the engine cannot provide any vacuum (Hybrid, Diesel, fuel cell), the UP 30 provides vacuum support for brake systems

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