Have you ever wanted to own an electric car? or have you ever wanted to drive a Porsche 911? I wanted both, so I decided to build one. This blog is here to document my journey as I convert a 2002 Porsche 911/996 Carrera 2 from a gas guzzler to a completely electric vehicle - not a hybrid!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vacuum pump install part 1

To make the brakes effective, I am installing a vacuum pump and reservoir to replace the brake boost assist provided by the gas engine.  I had to remove the tire, and the wheel well protectors to get at the fittings that lead into the brake system.  I mounted the reservoir inside the hood cavity on the drivers side wall.  Next I need to make a bracket to mount to the rubber bushings on the Hella EP28 vacuum pump.  The last few frames of the video show the stainless steel reservoir in its new home.


  1. Kurt,

    Fabulous work on the car! I wondered if you would be entertain the idea of us promoting your car on the Evnetics website? We would love to do a small post about your work and point people to your blog.

    There is an older post of yours, Friday, January 27, 2012, that has a link to our Soliton Specs. The link you have in your post is from the old site and needs to be updated. Is that something you are able to do?

    -Christopher Fisher
    Evnetics Webmaster

  2. Christopher, sounds great. I'll send you a note via email. I've also corrected the link in the post from January 27th, 2012. Thank you for pointing out the change!

  3. Kurt,

    Thank you for updating the link! I look forward to having you tell your story!