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Thursday, May 2, 2013

New Coolant Pump

I installed the new coolant pump and automotive coolant tubing.  It was very easy to hook up. I didn't have to screw around with any reducers or fittings to get it all connected.  Now the entire coolant system is assembled with 3/4" automotive coolant tubing and hose clamps.

I refilled the system with 50/50 antifreeze mix and fired up the pump.  It seemed to do the job, but it was hard to tell because you can't see the water flowing through the black tubing.  So, to confirm operation, I turned on the heating elements and made sure the hot fluid was being spread about the system. Within a few seconds, the inlet and outlet tubes from the heater core where warm, and shortly thereafter, very hot.  So it seems the fluid is moving nicely.  I also confirmed turning the cabin fans on resulted in hot air coming in, which it did.

I still need to finish up the wiring for the pump and relay coil  for the heater element.  I also bought a temp switch that I'll use to cut power to the heating element when the fluid reaches temperature.  The neat thing is the temp switch has a bit of hysteresis so it shouldn't flutter the relay on and off when the coolant starts to cool.


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