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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Charger progress

I received the EMotorwerks 10kW charger component kit this week and started assembling some pieces.  I highly recommend not going this route unless you are an electrical engineer.  The PCB does not include solder mask or silkscreen and there are no reference designators.  The components also are not clearly marked with values.  The component kit is loosely similar to the schematic drawing.  The schematic is more like a block diagram.  All the TO92 BJTs in the online documentation have the orientation rotated 180 degrees backwards!  

I also received a nice weather resistant box from a coworker shown here, empty.

 Here is a photo that shows the heatsink mounted in the box, 16 200V 1500uF caps (the size of a D cell battery) and 2 caps the size of my fist, the transistor and the coil are also visible.

Here is a photo of the control board partially populated.  Note, the board looks yellow/gold because I applied Kapton tape across the entire board to make up for the lack of solder mask.  This is a safety measure to reduce the possibility of a stray metal piece from shorting out the control board.

Here is a picture of the backside.  I plan to apply Kapton to the back as well once I complete all the circuits that require soldering.

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